Arugula Salad with radishes, asparagus tips, cloth bound cheddar cheese & a lemon thyme vinaigrette.

Cheddar Broccoli Bisque with sorrel, smoked salmon & crème fraiche.

Spring Risotto with shitake mushrooms, peas, shaved grana padana cheese, pink sea salt, truffle oil.

Pan seared Scallops with truffle mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, dried fig chutney, preserved lemons, curried cauliflower and grilled asparagus with balsamic reduction.

Leg of Lamb with Chateau Potatoes, rosemary, fava beans & Spanish onions steeped in milk with chipotle finished with a pinot noir demi glaze.

Maple bay leaf braised Peach with kingdom creamery vanilla ice cream with house made whip cream.