Bone broth magic

The difference between store-bought bone broth & actual bone broth is night & day. Imaginary that one.

Different types of broths has been my favorite things to make from my instapot. What comes up clutch is that it’s safer & has a better more robust flavor.

If I feel under the weather I seek out pho, ramen or chicken noodle with mint. In my demographic, I have one choice. Thai noodle soup from the local Thai restaurant. It cleans me right up & saves me from having to cook & wash dishes. It’s my only choice but it’s damn good. It saves me from having full-blown small-town redneck haute cuisine problems. Surrounding sleepy towns in the boondocks off on the horizon. Not so much! But that’s okay. I’m sure bone broth isn’t a thing. Could I perhaps interest you in some Campbell’s chicken noodle soup soup?