Act like you know

Decades from now we could be known as a culture that had very strong feelings about politics without knowing the truth about the sources & their agendas. In other countries, this is observed. It’s to the point that if the actual facts did get presented, people wouldn’t want to hear it & they would keep pushing on. 

People get their information based on their own agenda & personal crusades. People tend to hate the opposition based on their own personal experiences. Which makes sense but your given two options. Right or left, not right & wrong. That’s it.

The Epstein scandal really puts this theory to the test. The reality is, other elite people don’t get brought up, questions don’t get asked & people don’t want to see that both political parties are involved. Would that make your stance wrong if you started to question your bullshit? 

People prefer to act as they know. Hate to break to you. A few social engineers that are brainwashing us know. We like to change the subject to something that suits an ideology. That’s our solution to the quiet desperation. 

All of the major news organizations are fake at this point & it’s a big task to sort through the endless amount of bullshit that we’re all being fed. Any worthy news story gets squashed, whether it’s the pipeline, GMO’s, Fukushima or Uber elite pedophile rings. 

The only solution is to get along with your neighbor & listen to what they have to say & try to get along. If that doesn’t work & it probably won’t. Keep to yourself & try to promote unity & understanding when the time is right. The public has been conditioned to be this way. The food supply is packed full of ingredients that don’t serve you’re well being, the water has fluoride to make you docile & big farm is giving you drugs to be a mindless drone. A lot of us don’t stand a chance. Especially when the educational system is crap & we have intellectual bullies setting the course. 

It’s easy to trap yourself in an echo chamber & throw around rhetoric. In the end, your acting like you know & we don’t.