Act like you know

Decades from now we could be known as a culture that had very strong feelings about politics without knowing the truth about the sources & their agendas. In other countries, this is observed. It’s to the point that if the actual facts did get presented, people wouldn’t want to hear it & they would keep pushing on. 

People get their information based on their own agenda & personal crusades. People tend to hate the opposition based on their own personal experiences. Which makes sense but your given two options. Right or left, not right & wrong. That’s it.

The Epstein scandal really puts this theory to the test. The reality is, other elite people don’t get brought up, questions don’t get asked & people don’t want to see that both political parties are involved. Would that make your stance wrong if you started to question your bullshit? 

People prefer to act as they know. Hate to break to you. A few social engineers that are brainwashing us know. We like to change the subject to something that suits an ideology. That’s our solution to the quiet desperation. 

All of the major news organizations are fake at this point & it’s a big task to sort through the endless amount of bullshit that we’re all being fed. Any worthy news story gets squashed, whether it’s the pipeline, GMO’s, Fukushima or Uber elite pedophile rings. 

The only solution is to get along with your neighbor & listen to what they have to say & try to get along. If that doesn’t work & it probably won’t. Keep to yourself & try to promote unity & understanding when the time is right. The public has been conditioned to be this way. The food supply is packed full of ingredients that don’t serve you’re well being, the water has fluoride to make you docile & big farm is giving you drugs to be a mindless drone. A lot of us don’t stand a chance. Especially when the educational system is crap & we have intellectual bullies setting the course. 

It’s easy to trap yourself in an echo chamber & throw around rhetoric. In the end, your acting like you know & we don’t. 

Go your own way

Okay. I just named this blog after a Fleetwood Mac song.

Since launching my food wagon & catering business four years ago I’ve had to go my own way. I had to acknowledge that my business was going to be seasonal in the first year. A couple of years prior to that I decided to coach hockey & sacrifice great opportunities to be a Chef at various Restaurants & Resorts. For the last few years, I’ve questioned myself a few times because of the inconsistency in income & sacrifice to do something I love which is a coach. Bartending at the Mt Washington Hotel & resort has helped make this all happen. Bartending has been my saving grace.

A crucial decision back in the winter of 2014 where I left a job teaching Culinary to bartend at Jay peak so I could coach hockey. I felt dumb when I told people that’s what I was doing. I had a gut feeling to do something for myself & coach. Even if I was in financial turmoil from my restaurant closing & me trying to build momentum for me diversifying into my current business. The bartending money was really good & I had to learn quick & was kind of winging it seeing how I was really just a Chef. I figured it out & played catch up for the majority of the season. At the end of the season, we overachieved as a team & made a good run for it.

The following season I had just launched my wagon & met Elysia & moved in with her. We worked together to make it all work. She was a huge help with helping me with my business & helping with unexpected expenses when things were right. I’ve always tried to make her an amazing meal at least one time a week, sometimes more.

So it’s been a trip. It almost ruined me. But now I’m going into this hockey season & I’m feeling happy that I stayed the course throughout the years. I’ve got some pretty lofty goals in the future I’ll try to make them happen. In the meantime, I will most likely be hard to keep track of.

There’s something to be said about making your own schedule. I’ve got a lot of gratitude for the people that helped make it possible.

Bone broth magic

The difference between store-bought bone broth & actual bone broth is night & day. Imaginary that one.

Different types of broths has been my favorite things to make from my instapot. What comes up clutch is that it’s safer & has a better more robust flavor.

If I feel under the weather I seek out pho, ramen or chicken noodle with mint. In my demographic, I have one choice. Thai noodle soup from the local Thai restaurant. It cleans me right up & saves me from having to cook & wash dishes. It’s my only choice but it’s damn good. It saves me from having full-blown small-town redneck haute cuisine problems. Surrounding sleepy towns in the boondocks off on the horizon. Not so much! But that’s okay. I’m sure bone broth isn’t a thing. Could I perhaps interest you in some Campbell’s chicken noodle soup soup?

Entry-level cooks

The level of entitlement with young cooks is pretty gross right now. It’s been pretty bad with white boys for some time now. But now it’s off the charts.

It used to be that you couldn’t get a kid right out of culinary school to execute a consistent dish without trying to be Davinci. Now you still have that problem but that’s when they show up to work.

A lot of the entry-level cooks want management titles to go along with their lack of amplitude & jacked-up attitude.

I’ve seen this in resort towns & small towns. In the city in a hustling & bustling restaurant, theirs no room for this & you will get squeezed out quickly & an immigrant will typically make them look like the worthless piece of shit that they are.

It’s kind of funny how Chef movies are like boxing movies in the ’80s. I’m glad that being in the Restaurant industry is now more of an honorable profession versus what it used to be. I tell young kids if you want to be gold just show up to work. Yup, that’s where we’re at.

It used to be. I’m gonna work under as many great Chefs as you can & learn as much as you can before your thirty & then become a great Chef. Instead you see talented kids come right out of the gate & demand to be a Chef. Their food is typically trash. If you’re lazy & entitled, it’s going to show on the plate.

It may sound like I’m generalizing. I’m aware of that. Okay, I might know a few good cooks that aren’t immigrants. But they know they’re good & will bounce on their employer for a dollar more an hour.

Restaurants are really being held hostage right now. Places have to close they don’t have staff. Newspaper ads & internet adds don’t get anywhere. I can’t blame the good cooks who can’t be bothered & exercise their earning power. Especially when places are offering huge sign-on bonuses.