What Vermont means to me.

People in Vermont that I’ve always looked up to have been the self sufficient, take no shit, independent people that enjoy the simple things in life. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had family, teachers, coaches and friends who have inherited and taught me this trait.

In my travels I noticed that something was always missing. I found myself missing Vermont. I also felt like I took it for granted. I’m also well aware that if I never traveled like some of the people I know, I never would have ending up appreciating Vermont. Oh the irony..
As a Chef moving back home at the time I did became an eye opening experience. Before I knew it the food scene started to explode. The agriculture was being utilized better by the Chefs, coops and Vermonters.
Vermont hasn’t ever had a thriving economy. We’ve always been behind the curve on trends and quote on quote culture. Then something happened. All of a sudden Vermont made became sought out by people from all over. What people had clung to for generations and did time and time again was getting noticed.
So I’m proud. Proud of the hard working people in this state. A lot of like minded people contribute in many different ways to make us unique compared to the majority of the other states where people have other interests. Perhaps it’s those long tough winters. You know what I mean New England. We’re pretty much in this together, for the most part.