Online reviews

I feel lucky to have received all positive with my business so far.
My distaste of negative people who find satisfaction in blackmailing, sabotaging and manipulating people’s passion hasn’t changed. It effects people who put in long hours, who do what they love.Negative entitled people do not car about that reality. Now if you have a problem with the business and the business is rude or doesn’t fix the problem, then they won’t last. It’s as simple as that. That’s the way it’s always been. In today’s world business’s are being targeted without just cause. That’s what I have a problem with.
In a prior business venture I was sabotaged by a former employee. This employee was fired for stealing. The employee rallied up friends to slander my business with bad reviews.  Unfortunately I had to take that off the chin and hope for the best. Justice wasn’t served.
Overall reviews annoy me because I see hard working people getting torn down. A lot of good people fall victim of this. Almost every restaurant deals with this. Negative folks love to be little established businesses to make themselves feel more important about by being a wind bag.
A fun concept for the future would be a review site based on people on a personal level. Toxic people could sabotage innocent people and perhaps other toxic people. They could pander the idea of presenting matter of fact information in which encourages people to suck. Perhaps then, the right kind of people will feel the irony of online reviews. That’s my billion dollar idea. Please, someone steal it.
Pardon the sarcasm