Tried to be rational, but that didn’t work.

In the Food and Beverage Industry, being rational and having integrity can be frustrating.

I’m glad that I’ve made the effort to work with certain people and try to put my differences aside. So this theory has a purpose. To try to do the right thing can involve people misunderstanding kindness as a weakness. Often people with the right intentions get taken advantage of. Sometimes the cry babies get taken care of. The unpleasant reality is that the cry babies have a sense of entitlement and know how to manipulate situations in there favor. Lies seem to the ammo behind this type of behavior. In this politically correct society, to point this type of behavior out brings you down to a lower level in the eyes of higher arches. Also stating the reality of someone else being toxic and bringing down the whole team makes the person with integrity feel insecure about being considered a cry baby. The powers to be often get it wrong and reward bad behavior blindly. Typically people who have a hard work ethic don’t feel the need to kiss ass, where as people who don’t do.

People need to put the focus on what’s important. That’s the customer. High School musical productions in the work place tend to have an effect on the customers’ overall experience. Go figure. Being rational with toxic individuals is a waste of the company’s time. This is why hiring people in the close proximity of a business you are trying to successfully establish doesn’t typically work. I could also state a few more facts that could offend some people, but I’ll let it marinade for another rant. Okay. Back onto the conclusion.

When circumstances become personal and blown out of proportion, rational interactions can leave even the most seasoned manager beside themselves. Be careful who you hire and ask a lot of questions. My personal favorite is, What are your strengths and weaknesses? It can be pretty rational or irrational quick.