Income equality is an issue that warrants more attention to this inbred corporate landscape that depends on derivatives and greed.

Nothing in this country or even, the better part of the world is more mishandled than money and food. We have a banking cartel that prints money out of thin air. People get crippled financially while the 1% profits. It’s a Ponzi scheme, that has affected just about every aspect of day to day life in this country. This scheme is based on control. Just like Monsanto is trying to control the food supply. The global elite are doing a grander scale with social injustice. It’s about control. The 1% has over 90% of the worlds’ wealth. A family called the Rothchilds have an estimated 500 trillion dollars. This affects how we eat. Yes, shit’s deep. It’s about power. Food is power for the people. Food is medicinal. Other cultures who do not subscribe to our chemically-sealed and engineered, GMO-contaminated food with a nice tall glass of fluoride-spiked aqua, do not have the problems with obesity and illness. Lets face it, corporations are treating us like foie gras while getting wealthy and controlling politicians by buying them off with lobbyists. It’s pretty evil stuff.

Most people are sick and often unaware of what they are putting in their bodies. Affordable alternatives are not provided to families and the vast majority of the population. This isn’t the restaurants fault. They get squeezed. It’s the buying power of big businesses associated and regulated by important people. This all works out great for the for the pharmaceutical industry, by the way. Off course they are going to help fund this concept.

This is my reality of the state of affairs. If it offends someone because they want to justify shoving a bacon triple MC slammer cheeseburger from TGI MC Factory farms. That’s okay. You do you. Do you.

My solution to this madness is to make REAL food affordable. Perhaps I’m trying to justify my rant. My food wagon is going to provide affordable food. Like I mentioned in my rant, restaurants have far to much overhead to be affordable with REAL food. My goal is to have everyone enjoy our basic right of having something wholesome. Hopefully more of these options pop up in the future. Food trucks are often a good avenue for quality and affordability. We need that if we are going to turn the tide. Who knows. Perhaps people will actually embrace it. Stranger things have happened.