Don’t work for someone unless they are better than you. Don’t allow others to judge you when they know less.

It’s frustrating to work for someone who isn’t going to teach you anything you don’t already know. This is the fault of the person whose knowledge doesn’t match up. It’s just not healthy as far as growth goes. Sanity also runs thin in this situation. A boss should know how to do anything they are telling you to do. It’s also a plus when they can do the job better than you. It makes people question why this person is in charge. That ultimately effects the guest on some level of efficiency or annoyance.

Big corporations sometimes put people in charge for interesting reasons. The one person that stands out would be the narc. They will inform us of anything we need to know. The problem with this lies in integrity. It’s hard to have that when you lack the knowledge of associates.

This seems like a basic premise. It’s easier said than done. Sometimes we just need a job. Loyalties should apply to this type of situation. Typically bridges will get burned. That’s a good thing. A boss should be a role model.

In the food and beverage industry, it has changed a lot. I remember when a Food and Beverage Manager used to have a great knowledge of wine, beer and spirits. Be able to jump on the line and be able to cook. Be graceful with the guests. Manage the staff with procedures. Understand a profit and loss sheet. The list goes on and it doesn’t include cliché commentary either. Certain things factor into this. Money would be at the top of the list. People need to realize you get what you pay for. Sometimes it also backfires and what you thought you were paying less for ends up costing you money.

Reality TV is a good example for this rant. Look at the concept. It wouldn’t work if they didn’t have a jerk. This is typically how these type of people react when they get thrown into a situation where they lack the knowledge to keep up on a fundamental level. Well perhaps scripted reality TV isn’t the best example, but it works.

Marco Pierre White did something awhile back that I admired. He gave back his Michelin Stars because he was tired of being judged by people who know less than him. He was the youngest Chef to achieve three stars. I look up to that on many levels. It’s extremely annoying to get judged by people who lack the knowledge of the person providing the product. We now live in a culture that abounds simpletons who like to act like they know. They don’t! I would like to see them pull off a catering event for let’s say, a thousand people. Don’t make anyone sick and pull it off in a timely fashion and have every variable dynamic on those plates be on point. Mr White had some poetic reasoning behind his decision. His personal freedom would be the most admirable.

People like to judge. All I ask is teach me something, if not have a nice day!