Organic you say.

Currently the word organic is being taken advantage of. The practice makes sense. With big business and politics getting involved it also makes the premise corrupt. It’s about making money and having control of the food supply. That’s the only thing that makes sense for these people.
 Small farmers get squeezed financially. They have to come up with far too much money in order to provide a label.
A lot of farmers do things legit. They don’t feel the need to get involved. I’m assuming that may have something with limited capital.
I have seen enough situations where uninformed people raise a stink because someone doesn’t have the organic label. They are merely uniformed. It’s also insulting to the farmer to criticize the hard work that is involved.
With food labeling already being a sham. It would be polite to just support your local farmer. Also growing your own vegetables is always a good idea. Hopefully it’s organic enough.
The people responsible for this labeling know what they are doing. It’s to bad that hard working people have to take this off the chin. These same people also don’t want the small farms to thrive or survive.They want factory controlled farms where they can cut costs on the feed. This evil derivative will make you sick. You get what you pay for. Support local farmers as much as you can. If you stop going to the grocery store no one will notice. If you support a farmer. It could save his or her farm. It’s as simple as that.
Organic is a trendy idea. It’s a good idea. It’s also a good idea to question things and research each label; it can be very misleading. Legislation is put into place to make sure this is this way. People are on the band wagon. I just hope more people figure out where its destination is. It’s far easier to go through a source that is reliable. Co-ops. Farmers’ markets and specialty food sources. Then this process doesn’t need to be like figuring out an Rubik’s cube.

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