Most forms of Professionalism and corporate jargon, is highly over rated.

To be great is to be authentic, corporate terms set people up for a false notion of reality in a corrupt, unforgiving, fake existence.
Sugar coating for the sake of the thought police or some zeal-less simpleton, results in a poor quality in regards to the finished product. Principals get compromised.
Professionalism is often driven with a blind premise. Common sense is out the window. It becomes cliché, for the less fortunate. Typically this is used as a power move that involves a crutch for more attitude and less amplitude.
True masters of a craft focus on the quality of product. They figure out peoples strengths and weaknesses and try to work with that. They don’t try to package and cage individuality. They find balance. A good boss realizes he is only as good as his team.
Watch out for sharp pencils. Someone who’s sole purpose is to please the bottom line will only hurt themselves in the future. They lose sight of the bigger picture easily. When you pinch to many pennies, the customer suffers. Then they don’t come back. Being in charge of millions of dollars is a big responsibility and every percentage represents a lot of money. Someone has to be the law. Not everyone has to be told what to do. People should learn from each other.
The pursuit of pleasing a machine typically ends up being emotionally draining. Creating a situation that exemplifies the human spirit always wins.
Corporations are ruining this country. They use lobbyists to pay off politicians. Meanwhile humanity is enslaved by the corporate concept. Society is on a treadmill.
Individuality and risk taking is what can break us out of this mind control. It wasn’t always this way. Just a friendly reminder.

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